Anti-Semitism and Losers

One of the things about being a Zionist (which I am for the simple reason that everyone needs a home and Israel is the traditional Jewish homeland), is you get to see all the anti-Semites come out of the woodwork. Especially in a public forum when they can hide behind anonymity.

And of course, I’m dealing with anti-Semites when I say, there needs to be an independent state of Palestine on the West Bank now, formally, de jure as well as de facto (Because there is a de facto Palestinian state on the West Bank and Israel, the US and Russia are all in cahoots to keep the place from being taken over by Hamas.) and I get called a racist and all kinds of other names. This kind of non-sequiteur is simply not an alternate, but nevertheless rational and realistic view of the world.

I have often wondered if I called for Israel to cleanse Israel of all Arabs and the West Bank of all Palestinians, I would be called a friend of Palestine and pan-Arab nationalism. Probably. Such an evil policy would justifiably enrage the Arab world and while I’m not certain Arab governments would do anything about it, they might as well, perhaps leading to Israel being obliterated and that would be ugly.

Thanks, I prefer to be called a racist because I believe that Palestinians should have an independent state of Palestine, de jure as well as de facto, on the West Bank, and I wish them all good things, and hope and pray that they build a state that is a marvel. Since that wish is apparently the definition of racism here in Seattle, Yup, that’s me, you got the right one, Baby.

Obviously, this is Orwellian language.

Anti-Semitism is for losers. Israel and the Palestinians are what you rant about because you dare not face the big issues. And there are a lot of big issues in America today. In my previous post, I referenced an insurgency of absolutely horrifying cruelty south of the border that is spelling over into America. I dare you, I double dog dare you to click the link I posted there and read the essay, Extreme Barbarism, a Death Cult, and Holy Warriors in Mexico: Societal Warfare South of the Border? Fair warning: some of the writing there is extremely graphic and disturbing. I have previously written here about immigration, about the economy, about the political psychology of obesity and psychoactive drugs, the political economics of craftsmanship, American defense contracting, etc. (I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like because life gets in the way. Mine has been eventful.) These are huge issues, concerning as they do the current reality and future of a nation that is fundamentally coming apart: economically, politically, intellectually.

There are three nations on the planet that ought to be friends, that have something really good and beautiful and wonderful to give the world. America, which if it chose to could turn itself around overnight, Israel, which has its problems with the religious but is in far better shape than America, and Russia, which is slowly, messily, and awkwardly being dragged into a place that people can live in. I am also thinking of Japan, with its tradition of tremendously skilled craftsmanship, something the world desperately needs more of.

Anti-Semitism is what you spew when you have nothing, absolutely nothing, worthwhile to say about the problems facing your country or your world: if Israel ceased to exist tomorrow, Arabs would still be Arabs—desperately in need of 50 years’ creativity—while Israel would still have been Israel, tiny, poor, embattled, and one of the world’s high tech and biomed powerhouses. In that sense, anti-Semitism has always been for losers: Arab, Russian, German, American.


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