President Obama Bankrupts America

by Erin Solaro

When I voted for Barack Hussein Obama, I did not vote for him to continue the policies of his disasterous predecessor, George Walker Bush.

To continue two disasterous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that have emptied the US Treasury and broken our military.

To continue Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Combat Exclusion Rule that says to servicewomen, you are not members of the Profession of Arms.

To continue to uphold the unconstitutional–on 1st, 9th, and 14th Amendment grounds–Defense of Marriage Act.

To continue to throw money at Wall Street while unemployed and poor working Americans on foodstamps think it wrong to buy themselves such pathetically small pleasures as coffee and soda.

To continue a for-profit model of medicine that enriches insurance companies while leaving approximately 16% of Americans uninsured and meaning that 45,000 a year (almost as many as died during our entire, misbegotten war in Vietnam) die for lack of care.

To continue corporate policies that destroy small-scale, family and community-based agriculture, export our remaining industrial base, and import millions of aliens (legal and illegal) to do the work that remains because they will work for less than Americans, under worse conditions. While almost 20% of the country is either unemployed or grotesquely underemployed.

Tonight, President Obama will announce to America that he is laying upon us the final straw that will smash our spine: deepening our involvement in Afghanistan.

You know, when the Soviets saw what they were doing was destroying them, they left.  Then they began to reform themselves, a reform that in some ways continues to this day.

Al-qaeda watches us and thinks, now we will draw them into Somalia, again. And Yemen. And Mexico and Latin America.

And the men who lead the nation that ought to be our friend and ally in the wars of the ways now upon us, President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, watch us lose our minds.


2 thoughts on “President Obama Bankrupts America”

  1. It’s easy to say that Russia “should be our ally”, but I honestly do wonder if that ever was possible. Granted, US policy toward Russia has been idiotic. Our intervention in the Balkans, the decision to run the NATO alliance up to Russia’s border, and the offer to base interceptors to defend agaainst a notional Iranian missile threat in Poland were all perfectly chosen and well considered policies. Assuming that is, that the goal of policy was to alienate Russia. But if we ever wanted their cooperation on anything, we should have considered some different choices.

    That having been said, I’m not sure that Russia’s help could have been obtained on any terms with some issues, especially Iran. There’s just too much money to be had stirring up trouble near the oil fields that can potentially drive up the price. And the Russians have been in such a deep sulk about losing the Cold War that they might not be willing to give us much help regardless of the strategic logic involved. I think it was foolish to treat them the way we did, but in the end I honestly don’t know if a different approach would have led to all that different an outcome.

    Regarding President Obama I will simply say that I knew all along that he wasn’t ready to be President. But I take no pleasure in his difficulties because he’s the only President we’ve got, the Republic doesn’t need another failed Administration right now (Though it’s looking rather likely), and I also knew that John McCain wasn’t ready to be President either.

    Maybe next time we’ll be presented with better choices.

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