Work In Progress

I write and knit at the same time.  Write a few words, knit a few stitches, write a few, knit a few. 

I am now working on Defiance in Time of Peril:  An Open Letter to America’s Young Womanhood.  At the same time, I have begun knitting what will be a sweater coat, “Morocco”, from Joyce William’s Latvian Dreams:  Knitting from Weaving Charts.  I calculate that there will be approximately 150,000 stitches in this coat, worked on needles 2.5 mm in diameter.

This a coat entirely made in America.  Joyce Williams is an American, Schoolhouse Press, her publisher, is an American press that printed her book in America, and I am working this in approximately 1682 m (500 g) each of Alpine Violet and Storm in sportweight by Brown Sheep, which supports America’s dryland sheep farmers. 

I could say that it is people like these women who will repair this country, if indeed it can be, not speculative energy traders like Andrew Hall, who is in line for a $100 million annual bonus for ruinous energy speculation.  And that is true. 

But I thought I would show you what can be done by an inexperienced knitter, one stitch at a time.

This coat is made in pattern repetitions:  the lower center back panel is one, 77 stitches wide by 77 rows high, and on either side I show 1 of 5 24 w x 77 h repetitions.  (The lower center front panel is split in half by what are called steeks.)  These pictured were taken about 24 rows into that first 77 row chart.  So what you see here is about 3125 stitches, not counting the Storm facing below.  (All told, I’ve worked about 14,000 stitches so far.)


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