Pet Food and Human Food

The New York Times has been covering the importation of tainted pet food from China. In an article today, a reporter, Donald G. McNeil, Jr., wrote:

Toxicologists monitoring the American food supply for traces of melamine after it was found in imported ingredients in the contaminated pet food that has killed at least 16 dogs and cats and sickened thousands of others said yesterday that even if there were small amounts of it in the American food supply, it would be unlikely to pose much of a threat to humans.

This has been the trend of The Times’ reporting, and it is about as shallow an analysis as one can possibly indulge in, given that China supplies an increasing amount of food to America.

We have exported our industry to China, including, increasingly, aerospace dominance. Along with industry, we have exported jobs and pollution. We are also exporting agriculture. Our chief contribution to the global economy are weapons and the pornography that passes for entertainment, when it isn’t outright pornography.

In return, we owe most of our foreign debt, accumulated to pay for ordinary operating expenses, to three countries: Japan, Saudi Arabia, and China. At least the last two are not our friends. This is not debt we owe to people who we do not expect to go to war with, that we accrued to invest in productive infrastructure. We are fundamentally paying these countries, but especially China, to spin the rope with which they are hanging us.

Finally, to add insult to injury, China, a foreign country, sends us poisonous food. And America’s paper of record refuses to face these fundamental facts.


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